Amazon hosted a Hardware Event that was full of surprising new launches including Echo Auto, Echo Sub, a Microwave & much more. To Cover all of these at one place, TechDefinite has come up with this lovely piece of the collection which include all the things that have been launched in the Amazon’s Surprise Hardware Event. These product helps you to make your home Smarter. Not only this, This launch even included something for your Car as well. Now, Let’s talk about what we got to see from this Amazon’s latest launch event!


Amazon designed the Echo Dot completely from the scratch, as per Claimed. The company has added new things to the New Echo Dot, which now features 1.6-inch driver, is Seventy percent louder than the one we have seen in the past & sounds clear as well. The device has both the connectivity options including Bluetooth & AUX Cable output, In case you want to enjoy the output in any other device.

The device is available for $49.99. The pre-order for the NEW Amazon Echo Dot has already been started & This lovely piece of tech will ship from October!


Amazon Echo Auto might look like a Regular Car Speaker, But It isn’t. This little baby sits on the dash of your car & let you enjoy every feature that Alexa can do. The company has already been working with different Auto Companies to integrate this device with the Cars from Brands like Toyota, Ford, Lexus, BMW, and Audi. The device basically gets connected to the Car’s Infotainment System through the Cable. Then, this Echo Auto can help the User in every service like Traffic info, Entertainment, Weather updates and much more. Not only this, This Cute baby does exactly what we see on the other Amazon Echo devices, It’s hands-free, have a mic on top, and what not, It’s an amazing portable device that fits perfectly on the dash of your Car.

It costs $50 but, The users can get a discount of $25 if purchased in this year, 2018. For More, Click Here!


This tiny little device will work as an input for all your commands for the Alexa. This device can be paired with the External Speaker which you might own. However, It does not come with any inbuilt speaker for the output but can be paired through Bluetooth and AUX cable as we have already seen in the Echo Dot. This can be a great device if you want a little Alexa on your desk, which is just 12.5mm tall.

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This New Echo Input will cost $34.99 and will be available later this year.


The New Echo Plus from Amazon is a completely redesigned Echo Plus that we have seen previously. The sound on the New Echo plus has improved drastically and can be paired with other devices to act as Hub for the Smart Home Appliances, as we have seen in the past. The device does come with Integrated Temperature Sensor that can help Alexa scheduling different actions according to the change in Room Temperature.

The device will include offline voice control as well; this will allow you to use the Smart device even if the internet connection is disconnected as well. This feature will only work for the few commands which are necessary and common for this device as of now. Amazon is planning to expand this functionality to other devices as well in the future.

This New Echo Plus will cost  $149.99 and is available for Pre-Order from now. The device will ship from the Next Month, October.


Echo Sub will allow the user to enjoy louder Music with Much louder bass compared to what usually gets on the Echo devices. Amazon has come up with this lovely awesome device which helps the user to enjoy louder bass on this device. This can be paired with other Smart Home devices including Echo or Echo Plus to have louder output from the device. This is definitely an up-to-the-mark device from Amazon’s Hardware Event.

This device will cost $129.99 and is available for pre-orders now.


Amazon’s Smart Display just got bigger, is now a 10-inch display to serve as a Smart Home Device. The New Echo Show can be used as the Hub for all the smart devices; similar to the Echo Plus. This device has been claimed as the best Input device shipped from Amazon; includes eight-microphone for the better hearing experience on this awesome device.

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This device now includes the web browsers like Amazon’s own Silk and Mozilla Firefox as well. Amazon announced the Skype App for the Echo Show to let the user access Video Calling feature through this device.

This New Echo Show costs $229.99 and is available for pre-orders now. These will be shipped from the next month; October.


Amazon has come up with a new device under its brand AmazonBasics; the AmazonBasics Microwave. This microwave works well with the Amazon Connect kit which will help the user to get this microwave connected to other devices through Wi-Fi & Bluetooth LE module. This kit contains the software written and managed by Amazon Team. This Microwave does not feature any microphone for the inputs, however, It can be connected to several other Echo devices from Amazon.

The AmazonBasics microwave costs $59.99 and pre-order has begun. However, The products will be shipped later this year.


The New Echo Wall Clock is the Smart Clock from Amazon, which can be connected to Echo Speakers through Bluetooth. The User gets the access to set the Alarm, Change the Time Zone and much more other things through the Alexa commands. This device will be available in some time.


This is a cool device in the Amazon’s list. The Amazon Smart Plug lets you control it from anywhere through Alexa when the plug is attached to an outlet with it being connected to Wi-Fi at the same time. This is definitely another cool product and will make the Smart Home even Smarter :p

This Smart Plug costs $24.99 and is available for pre-orders from today. The product will be shipped from the next month; October.

That was all the interesting updates from the Amazon’s Surprise Hardware Event. Follow us on all social media to get the latest & exclusive tech updates.

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