On Wednesday, Amazon launched a new Automated Messaging Assistant in Hindi for its customers, which help them in shopping with Amazon and it will ease shopping for customers as well.

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This latest feature of Amazon is aimed to help customers visiting the Amazon App of India by providing a seamless and convenient conversational experience to the customers.

According to the reports, “The Company says that the Automated Messaging Assistant, which essentially works as a chatbot, which is powered by its customer service-tuned artificial intelligence platform. And it uses machine learning and natural language processing capabilities to communicate with Hindi-speaking customers in the country”, Amazon added, “The launch is projected to break the language barrier for a large number of Indian customers.”

Changes are created inside the messaging window of the Amazon app where the customer can naturally interact just as they would with a human being.

Basically, this amazing feature of Amazon of “Automated Assistant in Hindi” is available on Amazon’s Android app. This feature is designed to resolve queries of millions of people as well as customers, who shop on the Amazon app with Hindi as their preferred language.

According to the reports, Akshay Prabhu, who is the Director, Customer Service, Amazon India, said “In this new feature of Amazon the new chat assistant in Hindi underlines the commitment to serve the next 100 million Indians to discover and shop with Amazon.

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According to the reports, this is not the first time when Amazon has attempted to please Hindi-speaking customers in India. Last year, also Amazon the e-commerce giant brought Hindi language support to its Android app and mobile Web to help next 100 million users in the country. In addition to this the company also recently introduced a Hindi user interface for the Amazon Prime Video subscribers in the country.

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