We have been seeing Amazon focusing on Artificial Intelligence through it’s Alexa devices for a long time. Today, Amazon announced many products including the Echo Auto in its US Press Event. Amazon showcased how the Artificial Intelligence can be integrated into a Car’s System. Not only this, Amazon has launched a few more devices which will be linked here! Don’t forget to check all these devices as well.

Amazon Echo Auto might look like a Regular Car Speaker, But It isn’t. This little baby sits on the dash of your car & let you enjoy every feature that Alexa can do. The company has already been working with different Auto Companies to integrate this device with the Cars from Brands like Toyota, Ford, Lexus, BMW, and Audi. The device basically gets connected to the Car’s Infotainment System through the Cable. Then, this Echo Auto can help the User in every service like Traffic info, Entertainment, Weather updates and much more. Not only this, This Cute baby does exactly what we see on the other Amazon Echo devices, It’s hands-free, have a mic on top, and what not, It’s an amazing portable device that fits perfectly on the dash of your Car.

This lovely product can also interact with Amazon’s other Smart Home products which will allow the user to ask Alexa for turning on/off the lights of the House or making phone calls or anything else. The device can also integrate with Mapping services to inform the driver about the directions during the route, However, Amazon Echo Auto can only be integrated with Waze by default but Soon, Google & Apple Maps will be available as well.

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Talking about the price of this Amazing Amazon device, It costs $50 but, The users can get a discount of $25 if purchased in this year, 2018. This is something interesting from Amazon integrating Alexa with a bunch of products, Soon, It will come to other countries as well!

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