Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + is available at Rs 79,999. Moreover, according to the reports, the Galaxy Note 10 + is considered as flagship smartphone of 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + will attract you for sure, no matter how many times you want to ignore this latest smartphone by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + has not changed its core formula, which is a large screen sized smartphone with the best possible hardware available as well as of course the unparalleled stylus experience of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +’s S Pen.

It is very clear, that Samsung is trying to create a superphone with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + for its niche audience.

In other words, we can say that Samsung is offering so much in an inherently premium phone which has everything you can expect in such price range.

With Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +’s 6.8-inches, Samsung packs the largest screen ever on a Note device. There is just a tiny single circular hole in the center of the display at the top, but it never felt like an obstruction.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +

Moreover, we can say that the Dynamic AMOLED display is simply gorgeous.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + has a curved screen that has the Quad HD+ resolution (3040×1440 pixel), which translates to 498 pixels per inch. The 6.8-inch HDR 10+ screen is perfect for watching movies, playing games or even reading e-books.

If you generally edit photos or videos a lot on a phone, then the Note 10+ is the perfect

device for you. The screen also reduces harsh blue light and it results in the display that is softer on eyes as well.

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