Its been a couple of years now that Apple users have been complaining that Apple doesn’t do a lot of ‘new’ things with the iPhone anymore.

Looks like Apple finally paid heed to all the user complaints because the news is, Apple has ramped up the efforts of its R&D, short for Research & Development.

apple spending on R&D
Credit: patentlyapple

According to a report by CNBC, this Cupertino-based technology giant spent about $4.2 billion in the third quarter of 2019 on R&D especially. Apparently, this is the most this tech giant has ever spent in R&D. However, this amount is still less than what Microsoft and Google spend on their R&D programs.

According to the same report, Google and Microsoft spent 15.7% and 13.4% of their total revenue on R&D. This number for Apple was 7.9%.

Luca Maestri, CFO of Apple said that in order to improve user experience and differentiate their products and services from those present in the market, this step was substantial. He also added that they will continue doing this in the future as well.

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook also mentioned some fantastic products that the company is currently working on, while Maestri said that some investments have long-term implications and hence are very strategic.

The results of this refreshed expenditure in R&D will only show up in 2020. The iPhones of 2019 are going to be available for sale in September and they look good. However, 2020 iPhones are going to be scene-stealer with improved display, a better camera, and 5G technology among many other features.

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