The time is here, now Google Assistant can not only just read your WhatsApp, Slack and Telegram messages but also reply to them if you wish. Earlier, it was only restricted to reading SMS texts only, that too only via native messaging app, but now the features are upgraded. 

google assistant reads and replies to messages
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So if you are on GroupMe, Slack, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, then you will able to utilise this feature pretty soon. However, to be able to use the feature, you will have to activate Google Assistant and say the command message ‘read my messages’.

You can even check this feature even now by activating the Assistant and commanding to ‘read my messages’. However, you should have unread messages in your applications for this feature to work.

Google Assistant picks one message after the other and reads them out loud when you command.  It will read the messages in the form of cards, it will tell you who the message is from and on which app you received that message. It will even ask you if you want to listen to the message or not, pretty cool, huh? In case the message is a picture, video or audio then it will tell you that what the message is, but it won’t play the videos and audios.

After reading, comes the replying part. Google Assistant will ask you if you want to reply or not if you want to reply then simply say it out loud. The Assistant will convert the message into text and then send it to the individual. 

In case, the messages are more than one, then Google Assistant will read all the messages for you. When all the messages are read out and replied to, then Google Assistant will tell you that this message was the last one. 


This feature was rolled out on Android Phones a couple of days ago and is already showing up on phones. It was spotted in Android 9.0 Pie-running phone too.

Have you tried out this feature yet? If yes, then do share your experiences.


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