If you are someone who wants to track Indian Railways Status in real-time on your Android, you are at the right place. I am going to share the best apps to track Indian Railways Live Status on your android device.

There are a lot of apps available on the internet but only a few of them provide the accurate data which is originally fetched from the live status of Indian Railways. These applications are available on Google Play Store officially.

You can also track the live status of any Train on your WhatsApp, we will share the method very soon. Stay tuned to know how you can track Indian railways on your WhatsApp as well. Before that, Let’s talk about the apps which provide these services.

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Best Apps to track Indian Railways

We have collected the best apps out of the applications available online. You will definitely love these apps for some of their unique features that might not available on any other app.

  • Where is my train

where is my train: track indian railways

This is the first application on the list and this deserves to be on the top of the list. This app was recently sold to Google & will now work under Google LLC. There are a lot of unique features available for this application.

You can literally track the status of your train. Even if you don’t have any internet connection, traveling on the train, you will get to know where exactly the train is. This feature helps a lot while traveling without any internet plan active on the device.

You can add your own station on the app, it will remind you about all the trains passing after that. You can also set a reminder about any particular train which you would like to travel with. There are a lot of cool & awesome features available on the app.

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  • NTES

NTES: track indian railways

NTES is another application which I would like to recommend to track your Train live status. This is the official application provided by National Train Enquiry System – Indian Railways.

You can do different things from this application. Features include Spotting a train, trains between stations, train schedule, live station and much more. A lot of application uses the data provided by NTES because it is the only service that shares data officially.

As Indian Railways provides the data on this application, It is always officially verified. But Sometimes, You will not get accurate or the real timing of trains in some cases. It needs a strong internet connection to work.


  • Ixigo

Ixigo: track indian railways

Ixigo is another platform to track your train’s live status. Not only this, Ixigo allows the user to book train tickets as well. There are a lot of other cool features that Ixigo app provides to the Android as well as iOS users.

Ixigo lets you book tickets for your journey, Check PNR Status, Running Status, Seat Availability, book Hotel, Bus tickets, Flight tickets, cabs, and much more. The User Interface is definitely awesome as it is developed by Ixigo.

You can even visit their official website on the Browser on your PC or Laptop. Not only this, Ixigo can inform you about your upcoming trips within the app. You just have to add the PNR or allow SMS readability on the device to let it remind about your trip.


  • RailYatri

RailYatri: track indian railways

RailYatri is another application on the list which helps you to track your train. This Android application is also similar to what we have seen on Ixigo. Apart from tracking the Train Status, It does different tasks on your Android device.

RailYatri helps you book train tickets, bus tickets, Food on train, Hotels. Not only this, It can help you check PNR Status, the Live status of your train, trains between stations, Timetable, Live Station status, fare calculations and much more.

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This app also provides you some Reward points, RailYatri cash whenever you use it on your device. These points can be used at different checkouts within the app or can be converted to gift vouchers for different websites. The User Interface of this app is good. However, It had lots of ads.


  • TrainMan

TrainMan: track indian railways

This is the last app on the list. It also helps you do various tasks on your Android device. There are a lot of different options available within the app to do different tasks related to Indian railways. It not only allows you to track Indian railways but a lot of different features.

This like the previous applications, allows the user to do different tasks. For instance, TrainMan allows you to track your train, Book train ticket, Check PNR status, Live Stations, Coach Layout, Train Route, Fare Calculator, book flight tickets, and much more.

The Application will require signup/sign-in but that is completely up to you, It can be skipped. It also tells you about the status of your tickets, canceled trains, your bookings within the app. However, It does show you the advertisements in the app.


Over to You

That was all from our side. We have shared the best entries in the list. If you would like to add others, mention them in the comments. We have some crazy content on TechDefinite, please check that as well.

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